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Sometimes in filmmaking, you have a moment that strikes you where you think “Am I really getting to make this thing?”. That certainly happened a few times while making this “Genre Mashup” promo film for SYFY that broadcasted on their network.

What I love about SYFY is how they celebrate their fans. For their little bumpers that play during advertisements, they reach out to the community and get fans involved with creating new, fun videos. This time around, they were very interested in finding new ways to combine genres. So I came up with this concept that combines witches, zombies, robots, superheroes and spaceships. All within 15 seconds!

What was also exciting about this project was that it was my first completely 2D animated film. I’ve done a lot of motion graphics-style animation before and have definitely done some 2D/hand-drawn stuff, but it’s usually combined with other forms of media. This is completely its own thing and I really love that!

Give it a watch (it’s only 15 seconds) and let me know what you think!

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