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Hey everyone! I’m excited to share this new promo film I directed for a book called Stories of Enchantment. The book features sonnets inspired from various fairy tales, written by Jessa R. Sexton. In this film, Jessa stars and narrates one of her sonnets as we bring it to life on the screen.

This film was a unique challenge because I haven’t shot a sort of mysterious piece like this before. I have also been experimenting A LOT more with my color, which led to giving this piece a bit of an otherworldly palette composed of blues, greens, and orangish-reds. I would also like to mention that I did the music for this film as well!

I’m really proud of how this came out and I believe it truly captures more of my directorial style. Jessa essentially gave me free reign over how to interpret her sonnet and I’m really happy it came out well. So watch it above and enjoy!

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