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Late last year, I helped shoot a little bit of a film called Silas – written, directed by, and starring my good friend Bralyn Stokes. After that, I was asked to do the original score for the film and I happily accepted. I spent several months working away in my studio, getting everything as perfect as possible. I am happy to say the film is complete and, having seen it for the first time last night in its final form, is a fantastic Terrence Malick-like piece full of poetic embellishments.

Now that the film is finished, Silas will be submitted to film festivals before making its first public showings. I can’t wait for everyone to see this film and later on, I will be able to provide more details as to when & where the film will be shown. Until then, take a look at the 1st trailer. (I should note – although I did the score for the film, I did not do the song featured in the trailer).

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