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Silas teaser poster premiere

As some of you may recall, a film called Silas had it’s public premiere a few months ago. Now, it is finally coming online! Starting this Wednesday, May 25th, you will be able to watch Silas for free on Vimeo! I will post a link on this website, Twitter and Facebook but for now, you can bookmark (that’s the Vimeo channel of the writer/director/star).

The reason you should watch Silas (besides it being a great story) is because I did the original score for it! It was the biggest film I’ve done original music so far and a lot of work went into making it as perfect as can be. Lots of different moods and textures that I had never done before. I’m really glad that it’s getting out to the masses worldwide and I can’t wait to hear what people think. I hope that when you watch it, you get to see it on the biggest screen you have…and make sure you have a good set of speakers. And obviously, crank them up!

To get you excited, check out the trailer below:

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