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Like many of you, I went to see “The Last Jedi” and really really liked it! In fact, it’s my favorite Star Wars movie since “The Empire Strikes Back”. I loved how it defied expectations, introduced so many new elements and pushed the older elements in new directions.

From a writing standpoint, the movie is tremendous. There is a LOT to dissect and learn from when it comes to the structure of the movie and, most notably, how the characters grow and change. So I decided to make a video that looks at one of our main protagonists and chart their growth throughout the film.

Part of the reason as to why “The Last Jedi” feels so fresh when compared to modern blockbusters is how it focuses so much on the heroes and their conflicts with each other. Sure, the villains are still there and they change in their own ways. But the movie spends a lot of time showing how the decisions of certain heroic characters affect others around them.

Watch this Write Like The Last Jedi video by clicking here!

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