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You love Wonder Woman, right? Who doesn’t! It’s probably my favorite DCEU movie and blew away critics and fans worldwide. Which is why I’m excited to debut the “Write Like Wonder Woman” screenwriting course for those out there who want to learn how this movie was written.

This course has 15 total lessons and almost an hour and a half of video content, geared towards beginning screenwriters but useful to ALL writers. You will see why particular scenes from Wonder Woman are so successful, how they utilized characters in the film, and how the themes of the movie drive the story. The lessons included have activities at the end so you can practice writing immediately! Think of them as exercises for your writing muscles.

First, we will cover the themes of Wonder Woman, such as the effects of war and whether earth should be saved. Then, we will look at lessons taken from individual scenes and plot points. You will see how backstory can be made interesting, how victories should be taken away, and how sacrifices need to be handled. Finally, we will focus on the main characters of Wonder Woman and understand what makes them unique.

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While there, you can watch two free preview lessons for FREE! Let me know what you think!

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