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I hope everyone has been having a good (or at the very least, “decent”) summer this year, devoid of sadness or any other unpleasant emotions. Sun’s out, which means you need to get the fuck out of your house or office room and breathe in the heavy humid air before it dries up and turns to bitter cold in a few short months. I kind of did that, and in doing so, was able to test out a new (to me) camera and shoot some film again – something I haven’t done in over a year. Although I’ve loved testing out my DSLR cameras, I still find that my particular aesthetic still leans heavily towards the look of film photography.

So for this summer, I took the camera on a camping trip, two canoeing trips, a swimming pool, and a neighborhood. Overall, I liked how most of the images came out. What’s great is I didn’t even cross-process them (which I usually do) and they still came out looking like how I had hoped. Cross-processing is fun and amazing but it does cost more and I like saving money, I won’t lie.

I hope you enjoy this series; I also hope it inspires you to get outside and go on some trips with loved ones. Take a day off work if you need to!


I have several more projects that will be coming out soon! Stay tuned!

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