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Hello there fellow humans of the Earth!

This year has been quite a busy one for me. I’ve been doing projects left and right, pretty much non-stop. As such, these projects are now starting to get released at a pretty rapid rate which is super exciting for me. I feel like I’ve been telling people all year about the new stuff I’ve been doing without much to show for it.

One of those projects is a short story I wrote called “The Last Dogoon” for the Novaverses fan-fiction series. Novaverses is a “What If?” style collection of stories that all focus on Nova – an amazing character from the Marvel Universe. You might remember the Nova Corps from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie (especially the scenes that took place on Xandar). Nova is a big part of that world and he has some excellent stories in the comic world.

Having been a fan of Nova and his story for quite some time, I was delighted to create my own alternate-universe tale starring Richard Rider, one of the more popular characters to be called Nova. My story – “The Last Dogoon” – is an action/comedy that focuses on a very unusual distress call involving a thought-to-be-extinct alien dog with wings. This story is collected in the second volume of Novaverses. Best of all – it’s available for FREE online!

Click here to download Novaverses Vol. 2 and read “The Last Dogoon”!

I hope you all enjoy it because I truly loved creating it. Be sure to read the other stories included in Novaverses – you can read every issue by going here.

I must also give major shoutouts to others who have written Nova that inspired me – Marv Wolfman (creator of Nova), Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Sean Ryan, Jeff Loveless and Ramon K. Perez.

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