"Walls" - Center for Courageous Kids

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The Center for Courageous Kids breaks down walls that prevent children with special needs from having the summer camp experience they deserve.

Center for Courageous Kids (or CCK for short) is a great organization that provides a summer camp experience for kids who need assistance. People often take their kid’s health for granted, or even have an amazing summer camp experience growing up as a child without thinking about others around them who don’t always have the same opportunity. When you’re a kid with certain health issues, you may not be able to do all of the activities other kids are doing. Or, as is often the case, none of the staff at these summer camps are equipped with the knowledge, equipment, or setups necessary to help all kids have fun.

The Center for Courageous Kids is a camp in Kentucky that has pretty much everything they need to make sure all kids have a memorable summer camp adventure. Their staff are highly trained and knowledgable, knowing how to care for very specific needs. And the best part? It’s free for these kids! They depend on donations and volunteers – so if possible, I highly recommend helping out however you can.







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