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I was recently able to take a trip out to Riviera Maya, Mexico for about 5 days in the middle of April. This was the first time I had actually flown into a different country so I was definitely intrigued to walk the land and take in the sights and sounds of a new place. Granted, Riviera Maya probably isn’t the most “authentically Mexican” place to go to if you want culture, so my friend Grant and I ventured out a bit to other parts of the city.

The first thing I noticed were the insanely white beaches with crystal blue water. I have never seen a body of water look so gorgeous, so transparent and inviting. The weather was sunny yet cool, really just perfect. The people were friendly and the artwork throughout the place was inspiring.

And of course, I brought along my trusty Lubitel 166 camera to capture it all. I hope you enjoy the photos! The whole area was really a remarkably beautiful place and I would go back in an instant.

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