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I’m really excited to FINALLY show off a new commercial I did for the Dallas Cowboys called “Home Away From Home”. This piece is special because it was officially picked up by the Cowboys and played at some of their games! It is my first major commercial purchased by a national company – something I’m quite proud of. It was completed back in December but I just got permission to show it online for you guys.

The Dallas Cowboys wanted a documentary-style short film that highlighted real female fans of the Dallas Cowboys. They weren’t looking for stereotypical bullshit like a woman cooking all the food for the boys on game day, wearing pink jerseys and having no clue what happens in a football game. No, they wanted real women who were into the game and love the sport entirely. Thankfully, I knew of such a woman – Zulma, a woman who grew up in Texas but moved out to the Nashville area. She had a great story about becoming a Dallas Cowboys fan and how the team brings her closer to her family back in her hometown. I knew she would be the perfect choice fort his piece – and obviously, the Dallas Cowboys agreed!

So check out the film above and let me know what you think!

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